Student Placement in Agrihub Tanzania 

Universities of applied sciences Van Hall Larenstein en HAS are two of the centres of excellence for training in agriculture and agri-business of the Netherlands. And both are members of Agri-ProFocus!

HAS University of Applied Sciences and Van Hall Larenstein are highly internationally oriented. Students of the universities do their thesis studies and traineeships in countries all over the world, for the benefit of companies, governmental agencies and NGOs.

The universities and their offer

As members of Agri-ProFocus, the applied universities would also like to extend this service to the entire Agri-ProFocus network.

Do you have a pending topic that should be investigated? Or do you search hands-on solutions according to the latest technological development? Why not place a student in your organisation to help you solve these problems?

With this brochure, we would like to present how you can apply for a student trainee or thesis support of Van Hall Larenstein (VHL) or HAS.

Students: who are they? 
HAS and VHL train students of different backgrounds and phases in their career.  The students are:

  • In the process of achieving their Professional Master’s degree  and/ or mid-career professionals taking a course
  • Searching for a thesis study, traineeship or business assignment placement
  • Available from a period of six weeks up to three months
  • Of Dutch, European, African or Asian origin.

Conditions for the placement

The conditions for a placement differ per kind of placement and per university. The following conditions are however key for all placements:

  • The placement needs to be of a sufficient quality for students to gain the right amount of theoretical and practical knowledge
  • The assignment during placement is focusing on applied research 
  • The student is assigned his own work space with all necessary facilities
  • The student is assigned a local supervisor for regular consultation regarding content and social support
  • The students pay for their own accommodation and travel costs; a placement fee would be appreciated
  • The placement organisation supports the student to settle in the country, recommending accommodation, transport etc.

How to apply?

In the period October – January, students will present themselves on the Agri-ProFocus online platforms.

  1. Interested organisations are asked to contact Agri-ProFocus network facilitator Mrs Marjolein de Bruin( Please use the application form to briefly present your plans and wishes.
  2. The Agri-ProFocus team gets in contact with you to discuss which kind of placement suits your demand best. 
  3. The Agri-ProFocus team will bring you in contact with the right university’s student coordinator.


Please follow the link 



About Graduate Farmers

TGFA is a civil society organization whose membership base constitute highly learned, capable, experienced and aspirants of becoming commercial farmers in Tanzania. Membership also comprises agricultural consultants (researchers) and retired people from the civil service sectors who deal with agriculture and agriculture marketing in general. The major aim of TGFA is to develop, promote, and influence structured business and initiatives that encourages and motivate youth especially graduates to tap in profitable agriculture value chains in both rural and urban areas in Tanzania with defined rules and regulations. TGFA also aimed at bringing dialogues for advocating improvement of the policy and enabling business environment in the country economy, strengthen information dissemination, technology and innovation, agribusiness development skills, business linkages and reduce constraints along the sector value chain. The word ‘graduate’, as it appears on the title, does not strictly mean that one has to have university degree, rather a catch word that connotes a paradigm shift in thinking, especially in the developing countries, that farming is largely for the unprivileged, most less educated and poor people in rural areas towards a new thinking that farming can only be meaningful and actual backbone of the economy if and only if the highly learned, capable (in terms of finances and other resources) and inspired individuals in urban areas embark into it even as part-timers.
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