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You are what they eat: The importance of animal feed for public health

You are what they eat Wewe ni wanachokula wanyama, ndege n.k   In the global health arena, biological threats are most commonly associated with viruses, bacteria or other microbes affecting humans, animals and even the environment. These pathogens can cause … Continue reading

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ABCs of Soybean

(Glycine max) Soybean is a leguminous vegetable of the pea family that grows in tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates. Soybean was domesticated in the 11th century BC around northeast of China. It is believed that it might have been introduced … Continue reading

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Discover these tasty, nutritious crops and include them in your diet!

6 incredible plants you might not have heard of All over the world local varieties of fruit, vegetables and grain are grown. Many are seemingly forgotten or are underutilized despite having outstanding nutritional or taste qualities. Some have good commercial … Continue reading

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