Name of Organization: Tanzania Graduate Farmers Association
 Acronym: TGFA
 Year Founded: 2000
 Year Registered: 2002
 Place of Establishment: Morogoro
 Legal status: Registered Civil Society Organization (S.O. No. 11625)
 Head Office Address: P.O. Box 6375-Madaraka Road, Morogoro Tanzania
 Contact Address: P.O. Box 6375-Madaraka Road, Morogoro Tanzania
 Office contact/Cell phone number +255- 763 846 255 (office)
 Web site: http://www.graduatefarmers.co.tz (Under construction)
 E-mail: info@graduatefarmers.co.tz cc: tgfa_tz@yahoo.com; skingazi@yahoo.com
 Social Networks http://www.facebook.com/TanzaniaGFA and http://www.twitter.com/tgfa_tz
 Blog http://www.graduatefarmers.wordpress.com
 Founding Chairperson: Stephano Philemon Kingazi (+255 754 855 434)
 Incumbent Chairperson: Stephano Philemon Kingazi
 Contact person: Juma Bruno Ngomuo
 Designation: Membership, services, Communication & Partnership Coordinator
Cell: +255753 43 321; E-mail: jumabngomuo@gmail.com

TGFA is a registered civil society organization whose membership base constitute of highly learned, capable, and experienced and aspirants for developing commercial farming and agribusiness value chains in Tanzania. The Association was founded in 2000 and registered in 2002. Membership also comprises agricultural consultants (researchers), agribusiness and rural development practitioners, role model farmers and agro-entrepreneurs and other key players with experience in agriculture and agribusiness value chains. The word ‘graduate’, as it appears on the title, does not strictly mean that one has to have university degree, rather a catch word that connotes a paradigm shift in thinking, especially in the developing countries, that farming is largely for the unprivileged, less educated and poor people in rural areas towards a new thinking that farming can only be meaningful and actual backbone of the economy if and only if the highly learned, capable (in terms of finances and other resources) and inspired individuals in urban areas embark into it even as part-timers. It also aims to send a message to youngsters, graduates and college students that farming should not be taken as a last resort rather as a priority area for self-employment and subsequent wealth creation if done better. In this case TGFA pays more attention to practicing graduates/ professionals and use them as role models of best practices. It comprises people from all segments of agriculture value chains such as cereals, horticulture, livestock, agro forestry, agro tourism, aquaculture, research, business development, etc.
The major aim of TGFA is to develop a strong graduate farmers’ network in Tanzania to support transformation of peasant farmers’ and hence raise the farm productivity by promoting farmer’s entrepreneurship, innovation, science and technology and value addition in the long run through multi sectorial and disciplinary approaches. Through its practical agenda, TGFA aims to transform Agriculture innovations, agribusiness and Entrepreneurship theories into practice, including translating research findings into user friendly manuals for use by ordinary agricultural societies. Ultimately TGFA aims to change the mindset of farmers “Farming as Usual” especially youths and young graduates from becoming job seekers to job creators in agriculture value chains. This will eventually bring positive attitudes and steps in agriculture and agribusiness, education system and entrepreneurship for social relation and responsibility for economic transformation hence improving science and technology through innovation. Specific objectives are outlined in the constitution of this organization. A soft copy of the constitution can be provided via e-mail.


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