Our Programs

“We aim at delivering many of the technical information services nationally whether through online platforms, social events, organized learning events that we are continue to work in partnership or collaboration with other agricultural and youth led organizations.  Most of these services targets entrepreneurs who are in Agriculture sector (Agripreneurs) as far as Youth in Agriculture using recognized approaches to farm as business/ agribusiness, youth development combine agriculture and enterprise and service to create a rigorous, practical, and integrated experience”.

The aim is to support develop the society with enterprising people whom they will be able to tap into agribusiness opportunities to realize food security locally with global perspective. We are advocating by doing, therefore we will be able to address challenges such as access to quality information which is the key to entrepreneurship and there fore to foster access to quality advisory services,

TGFA is now doing the following through its members and affiliated stakeholders.

  1. Business Development services including Business plan development, Consultation, Monitoring and evaluation, Financial Analysis etc
  2. Help desk for Starting/developing Agribusiness and inclusive businesses. This is specifically for start up business which are for business and social entrepreneurship where those who wish to start agribusiness will have the chances to get an online service which is mostly for advisory and professional Linkages to help nourish and develop winning business proposals
  3. Youth in Agriculture help desk. Through our Youth support program we have decide to include this service to assist youth who are in need to start, develop, extend, get linked or connection to professionals, markets, input suppliers, financial needs, Capital for investment etc. This Help line will also serve as our Online Resource centre where we will have another physical building as for Youth Resource centre where they will be able to source different information’s regarding Agribusiness opportunities and information’s which will help them to tap into existing opportunities.
  4. Business Advisory Services (Business Laws) i.e how one can develop, establish and manage Farm enterprises as the regulations of Tanzania is concerned
  5. Agribusiness and inclusive business Professional Linkages as to Agronomists, Agriculturists, Consultants, Extension Officers, business development etc.
  6. Intern and Volunteer Linkage/ attachment: On job Training. TGFA will assist qualified individual with recommendations to get on job Training as Volunteers or Intern in its office or through regional representatives as well as Agriculture Development Partners. However the Volunteers and Interns will have to provide feedback reports of what they learn as well as share the best practices which they think if replicated will lead to Agriculture Transformation in.
  7. Youth in Agriculture Incubation support. This is through on job training, Link to Agribusiness Incubation service providers, Agriculture Leadership
  8. Financial Literacy and Social Event Organization. TGFA through its well organized members and staffs have the well experience in working with partners and collaborators as local and international Organizations in Organizing, Facilitating and moderating social events, inspirational talks and Financial Literacy trainings to organized groups.
  9. Support and provide advisory services to organized people on how to do market research, establish links, Contract Farming as well as \collective purchase and Selling of goods or Services.
  10. Online Market Place: We also provide a room for Youth in Agriculture and organized groups to promote their products and services in Our online platforms include page in website, Blog and Social media pages so as to get customers attention for further business linkages.
  11. Social Media Reporting, Pages Moderation/ Administration: TGFA through its ICT Youth professional members is also interested to provide quality and affordable social media page and group administration to interested agriculture related Companies ( input suppliers, service providers, consulting companies etc), development organizations and organized producers
  12. Promotion of Agribusiness and Farm related business services using our online platforms, exhibition or other organized events. Our focus is to help our clients and member/ beneficiaries products such as BDS, Value added food products, Agro Inputs, ICT for Agriculture Development ICT4Agr

Other consulting services such as Capacity Building to farmer groups, Inspirational talks, Life skills and Coaching,


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