Youth in Agriculture Support (YASP)

Our TGFA Youth Support Program activities includes:

  1. Providing financial literacy as well as business advisory and business management knowledge and skills to organized youth and Youth led organizations
  1. Assist youths with interest in Agribusiness with linkages and guidelines for easy ways in ACCESSING inputs through collective models e.g setting revolving fund, Saving and lending associations, grant application,
  1. Mindset Transformation events

a.) Organizing and facilitating social events for mobilization, meet the buyer and seller events, Business plan and concept competition and innovations this include

b.) Conduct college forums as using the popular motto “BE INSPIRED BEFORE YOU EXPIRE”

c.) Entrepreneurship capacity building and strengthening especially basic entrepreneurship as business plan development skills, financial management, business management and team building, business laws and marketing, book keeping etc.

  1. Advocacy in Action (Research based advocacy)

a.) Advocate and Lobby for establishment of Agribusiness Support centers and Incubation Support to qualify youth so that Government and PSO and other Non State Actors can participate to mobilize resources

b.) Identify and make use of Agriculture and Family Farming Role models and Champions thus to organize interviews, updates etc

  1. Agribusiness Management Services through;

a.) Providing Farm Business Management skills

b.) Agribusiness resource centers ( physical and online as well as help desk/line) for promoting and dissemination of quality and affordable technologies for business as Market linkages, Contract Farming Techniques using GAP, Sustainable Techniques and intensive technologies

c.) Development of Training manuals, Business and farm management guidelines

  1. Develop and manage online help desks for advisory services and linkages\
  1. Promote use of Media for Information and Marketing through;

a.) Develop and run media activities to promote youth entrepreneurship and agribusiness through radio and TV programs

b.) Organize and Facilitate Web 2.0 and Social Media (ICT4ag and ICT4Dvt) Learning opportunities for young researchers and agriculture professionals to foster ICT and Agriculture extension services

  1. ON JOB TRAINING through volunteer and internship attachment, linkages and recommendations.
  1. Market linkages and facilitation through market research and online business services e.g products and services advertisement, promotions,
  1. Research and Survey for mapping youth agribusiness opportunities thus to develop a profile for opportunities and how to access them in Tanzania at Large.

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