Youth in Agriculture Development Initiative (YADI)

The Youth in Agriculture Development Initiative (YADI) as coordinated by TGFA aims at facilitating the development and implementations of programs that will promote and capture the interest and commitment of Tanzania entrepreneurial youth, particularly young graduates who are in / are to form and join organized groups of agro entrepreneurs so as to tap into agriculture and agriculture-related opportunities.

Although the focus will be self motivated and interested young graduates will be the primary focus of this initiative, other non-target groups such as school drop outs, secondary students, organized groups, female and women agro entrepreneurs will also be included.

The initiative also aims to promote facilitation for developing support structures and incentive opportunities for its target where possible. The purpose of this initiative is more than just promoting youth engagement in agriculture and creating interest in developing their skills by learning and adoption of agricultural best practices but also promoting youth pursuing agriculture and agriculture related as a career and encouraging the graduates from colleges and universities to embark on agriculture-related activities.


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